!00% Compostable poop bags

Compostable poop bags

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More and more people are gaining interest in an eco-friendlier lifestyle. You can find anything nowadays labelled with a little green logo assuring that you are doing something good for the environment. But even when people are becoming more aware of what they buy and consume, there are still plenty of little things that could […]

Everything you need to know about dog poop bags

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Cleaning up after your dog is important for many reasons. We should all care about keeping our environment tidy and clean to respect nature and of course other people we share this planet with. Caring about the environment also means to use products that are easy to digest for the environment. Especially when it comes […]

Dog in spa day

Pamper your Dog

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What is more satisfying and uplifting than a long deserved pamper day? We go to the hairdressers, get our nails done, our beards trimmed or spend extra money for a decent moisturiser. A visit at the spa can help us relax and makes us feel as good as new. But if we deserve that extra […]