• SHHH…T HAPPENS! – When you go for a walk with your dog, don’t forget to bring your biodegradable dog poop bags because we know that shhh…t happens! keep your neighborhood clean with convenient, compostable poop bags!
  • FULL DECOMPOSITION WITHIN 90 DAYS! – Unlike traditional plastic bags, Fur a Petter World Poo Bags are made of cornstarch & PBAT, different than other cornstarch bags that can take a few years to decompose. The fusion with PBAT allows it to turn into biomass with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and water within three months in soil, it is eco-Friendly according to EN13432 standards and has a HOME OK COMPOST Certificate.
  • 1000 COMPOSTABLE POOP BAGS – Whether you have one or more dogs, we have designed a stool bag kit with 1000 compostable dog waste bags that contain 50 core-less rolls of 20 bags, measures 9″ x 13″ In addition to being thick and easy to open, WILL LAST! designed with a poop emoji that will make the task of collecting your dog´s feces fun!
  • SUPPORT OUR MISSION – We contribute to those who need us most! A donation of our income goes to TCSPCA, The stray dog association is the most recognized animal welfare organization in the Turks and Caicos Islands, they are the voice for those who cannot speak and provide spay/neuter clinics, education, animal care, animal rescue, and, of course, foster and adoptions.
  • OUR PET SUPPLIES WARRANTY – Love our FUR A PETTER WORLD dog poop bags biodegradable, eco-friendly, leakproof & compostable dog waste bags or we´ll buy them back from you, No questions asked!